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What is IL2 Document Uploader

The IL2 Document Uploader is a simple solution that allows users to upload files directly into IL2 chains through a simple and easy to use interface.

With IL2 Document Uploader, you create an upload request that defines what files you want your users to upload. This request can be sent to the users as a direct upload link that your users can use to upload the files you need by themselves directly into the IL2 chain you define.

Once the files are uploaded, you receive a notification with all the information you need to access the files in the chain or send it to the IL2 Document Vault to securely share it with others.

With this solution, organizations can:

  • Create custom upload requests that will allow users to upload the files you need directly into an IL2 chain;
  • Ensure total privacy of the files and ensure that they cannot be tampered;
  • Easily integrate the solution with your application by using an easy to use API;
  • Combine it with IL2 Document Vault to further enhance the user’s experience;

Where can I use it

The IL2 Document Uploader has been designed for situations where the confidentiality, integrity, and ownership of the information is critical to the business relationship or required by regulators. With that in mind, we can provide a few examples:

  • Know your customer validations;
  • Money transfer authorizations that require exchange of confidential information among multiple parties;
  • Repository for external documents for security protocols with limited extra information fields;
  • Track and trace documentation repository;
  • Confidential documents sharing with business partners and/or regulators;
  • Storage of medical trials and confidential information about new drugs and treatments, especially those that must be shared with regulators in the future;
  • Publishing public certificates with restricted information;
  • Drug prescriptions for end users;

How it works

The usage of IL2 Document Uploader is quite simple:

  1. You can create an upload request that describes what documents you need the user to upload (descriptions, file types, etc);
  2. When you submit it to IL2 Document Uploader, it will generate an upload link that can be sent directly to the target user;
  3. The target user access this link and uploads the required files as you described in the request;
  4. Once the upload is completed, you receive a notification with all the information you need to access the documents;

Since the upload is performed using the IL2 Multi-Document protocol, no one except you will receive the information required to fully access the documents stored in the chain. Furthermore due to the immutable nature of the IL2 blockchain, nobody will be able to modify those files, generating a perfect audit trail suitable to ensure the highest security levels.


The IL2 Document Uploader implements advanced encryption protocols and techniques that ensure the integrity and privacy of the information stored by it.

Want to learn more

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