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API Clients for multiple languages

The InterlockLedger API, is a set of RESTfull WebServices documented using the OpenAPI standard. This means that you can easily implement your own REST client in your preferred programming language. However, we do provide ready to use clients for some of the most used programming language. Those clients are released under permissive open source licenses that allow you to integrate them with your products, commercial or not.

See our GitHub for the all the official clients released by us.

Specialized frameworks

The InterlockLeger API defines all the base operations required to work with the records, chains and interlocks stored in the chains. In addition to those primitives, it also defines basic operations to handle documents and encrypted data in their basic format witho no format structure. For simple applications, those operations are more than enough to fulfil the requirements.

However, since most applications will have a more complex set of business rules that will govern how the applications will really work with the records and chains. In traditional blockchain platforms, those rules must be properly mapped to smart contracts in combination with external applications. On InterlockLedger, those high level operations are implemented by the applications themselves using whatever platform you want.

To make the development of those applications easier, we provide a series of high level frameworks to implement generic business rules to implement asset control, tokenization, NFTs, track and trace, auditing and more. With those frameworks, you can focus on your own business rules while the framworks will handle the implementation details on top of the IL2. Furthermore, those frameworks may be fully customized to adapt to your business.

Contact us to know more about the available frameworks and how we can provide professional services to help you to implement your requirements.