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What is IL2 Document Vault

The IL2 Document Vault allows organizations to store and share confidential documents using InterlockLedger to ensure the integrity, ownership, and immutability of those documents.

With this solution, organizations can:

  • Ensure the integrity and ownership of the documents and prove to others that it was not tampered with by anyone, even the publisher of the document;
  • Ensure the privacy of the documents using advanced encryption techniques;
  • Allow external organizations or individuals to access the contents of the documents when authorized by their owners;
  • Fully track and trace all events related to the access to the documents (who, when, where, etc);
  • Allow anyone to validate the integrity of the documents stored in your chain without revealing their contents;

Where can I use it

The IL2 Document Vault has been designed for situations where the confidentiality, integrity, and ownership of the information is critical to the business relationship or required by regulators. With that in mind, we can provide a few examples:

  • Know your customer validations;
  • Money transfer authorizations that require exchange of confidential information among multiple parties;
  • Repository for external documents for security protocols with limited extra information fields;
  • Track and trace documentation repository;
  • Confidential documents sharing with business partners and/or regulators;
  • Storage of medical trials and confidential information about new drugs and treatments, especially those that must be shared with regulators in the future;
  • Publishing public certificates with restricted information;
  • Drug prescriptions for end users;

How it works

The usage of IL2 Document Vault is quite simple:

  1. The owner of the documents adds them into an IL2 chain using the multi-document application. This generates a document locator that can be used to access the document later;
  2. When the owner wants to grant access to this document to someone else, it creates an access token inside the IL2 Document Vault and gives this access token to the external user;
  3. With this access token, the external user can go to the IL2 Document Vault website, and type the access token to view the documents stored there;

It is important to notice that the owner of the document can define a wide range of parameters for the access token, such as validity, user restrictions, and others. The external users will have access to the documents if and only if the provided access token is valid according to those rules. Once those rules define that a document can no longer be accessed, the information required to access it will be destroyed permanently, making access to the documents impossible even if the access token is known.


The IL2 Document Vault implements advanced encryption protocols and techniques that ensure that even access to the application’s database will never grant access to the actual documents without the proper access tokens.

Want to learn more

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