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About us

InterlockLedger was born from a team of very experienced professionals from the information security industry around 2016 after an extensive research on how to implement real world, enterprise grade applications on top of the concept of blockchain and DLT. Since we were unable to find any solution that could really matching those requirements, specially in terms of throughput, energy efficiency and security, we decided to create a new approach to DLT and blockchain that could solve those issues. Furthermore, we also envisioned a DLT that could be implemented directly on small devices with limited connectivity, such as cell phones and IoT devices in general, and this would create a new paradigm on information security that could not be reached otherwise.

Thus InterlockLedger was born.

In 2018, we have been accepted in the IV Batch of acceleration program from Tenity (formerly known as F10) in Z├╝rich, Switzerland where we graduated in the next year. During this program, we were called the Green Blockchain by the local media. We also applied patent requests of the core technology around 2017, with the grants being awarded in 2020 covering US and also EU.

Since then we continued to develop the platform, achieving our first paying customers around 2020 and establishing other strategic relationships with other companies and investors to further develop and promote InterlockLedger as the platform to go for enterprise DLT applications.

Around 2019, we were able to achieve 10,000 blocks per second on a small network composed by couple hundreds of very low powered nodes at an operational monthly cost around 10,000 CHF. In 2021, we achived up to 200,000 blocks per second on single high end node with a fraction of the cost and power consumption, demonstrating that our technology can indeed fulfill its promisses.

Our mission

Create a world where trusted information can be efficiently shared among users, business, organization and governments enabling the stablishment of trusted relationships among participants distributing the control over the truth equally without destroying the environment in the process.

The InterlockLedger project

We have been developing InterlockLedger since September 2016 based on a worldwide patented technology for blockchain construction. We consider it an offspring, rather than a spin-off, a result of years of research and development by a team of hard-working and passionate experts in cryptography, information security and computer science in general.

As a completely new approach to blockchain construction, it is not a fork or a variation of other blockchain projects, being written in C#, C++ and Rust with connectors for other languages, most of then available at GitHub. At IL2 we do release a lot of things as OSS and plan to do even more in the future.