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Get your own IL2 Network Node

To use and participate in an InterlockLedger Network, you need access to an IL2 Node. With it, you will be able to manage your own data and access the information posted by other participants in the same network.

Built-in applications

Although IL2 was designed to be used to create custom applications, each node comes with a small set of built-in general-purpose applications that are ready to use:

  • JSON Storage API: Store public or encrypted JSON documents directly on the chain;
  • Document API: Store public or encrypted general-purpose documents directly on the chain;
  • Multi-Documents API: Easily store and share encrypted document sets and share access to them with a simple locator reference;
  • Opaque Record API: Create any type of custom applications at will, without bounds or restrictions;

Application frameworks

Aside from the built-in applications, you can also use one of our ready-to-use application frameworks.

Custom networks

The InterlockLedger Network protocol has been designed to run with as little as 2 nodes without compromising the integrity and security of the data stored inside it. This allows anyone to run custom networks that may be completely separated from the main network.

This means that applications that have tight security restrictions can be implemented inside their custom networks. No data will be shared with other networks. Furthermore, access to those custom networks can be restricted at will by the participants of the network.

Contact us to learn more about custom InterlockLedger Networks for your organization.

Your data is always yours: Forever free read-only access

Here at InterlockLedger, we believe that your data is and will always be yours. Limited access to your own data due to vendor locking is a risk that no business should be required to accept. Although you need a valid IL2 license to add information to your chains, the read-only access to the information stored in a IL2 Network is and will always be free for current and past customers of InterlockLedger.

Feel free to contact us about our always free read-only policy.

On-premises and managed cloud services

You can use InterlockLedger on premises inside your own infrastructure or as a managed cloud service.

Please contact us to get more information about those options.

Free and Open Source REST Clients

You can access all functionalities of an IL2 Node using its REST API directly from any application. You can create your own or use one of the free and open-source clients for multiple languages. Go to our Github page for further information about those clients.

Lightweight Node

In the near future, you will be able to integrate an IL2 Node into any application on devices of any size. The Lightweight Node will allow even small devices with limited connectivity to be an active nodes of an IL2 Network. More news about this offering will be released soon.

Want to learn more

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