InterlockLedger Use cases

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This is a small list of some use cases where InterlockLedger can be applied:

Digital assets

Fungible and non-fungible digital asset control, bonus point control and any other assets and values that can be tokenized with or without the use of cryptocurrencies. Learn more…


InterlockLedger can be used to create immutable medical records, restricted drug tracking, medical and drug research information security without the need for intermediaries and other medical applications. Learn more…


Distributed immutable record of documents verified and registered by official notaries that can be easily verified by anyone. Those records may have legal guarantees depending on the jurisdiction. Learn more…


Supply chain tracking (proof-of-origin), certification of production, producers and processing plants and associated financial products.


DLT-based real-time digital audit tracking record with immutable, non-repudiable entries without the need for a central authority that can be easily integrated with any existing systems.


Perfect solution for the creation of trusted relationships between businesses without the supervision of an external authority. Can be used as a trusted EDI replacement and for B2B automation.


A trusted platform to register and publish education records and certificates that can be easily verified by anyone, making it impossible to tamper with the stored information.

Financial Products

Trusted way to control financial products and information, contracts, ledgers, documents and auditing data.


Process optimization, greater transparency of the information published to the population, auditing trails without compromising national security, as immutable records can be kept private. Perfect corruption deterrent.

Digital identities

Digital identity records, perfect for Know Your Customer solutions and immutable audit trails.

Internet of things (IOT)

Unlike most DLT platforms, InterlockLedger has been designed to run on devices with low resources and even limited connectivity making it possible to run directly on IoT devices, securing the information generated by them.


With InterlockLedger it is possible to create decentralized applications where the regulators can participate and collaborate with other participants to keep a healthy environment for stakeholders.


With InterlockLedger it is easy to create essential systems to control the lifetime of restricted products, services and goods such as weapons, explosives, restricted chemical compounds and other potentially dangerous products and equipment with full tracking of the custody chain. Furthermore, some niche security applications can also benefit from the features implemented by InterlockLedger.

Track and trace

InterlockLedger is one of the few DLT platforms that can withstand the high demands of track and trace of products, goods and services globally with full custody chain tracking without the need of a centralized system. Furthermore, its ability to work in enviroments with low conectiviy and low resources allows its implementation on handheld devices even in the most remote regions of the world.


InterlockLedger is a perfect solution to implement auditable digital gambling systems as it can produce immutable and authenticated auditing trails that can be easly validated by auditors and regulators.


As a true general-purpose distributed digital ledger, any application that requires the sharing of trusted data between participants. Contact us for further information.