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What is IL2 Assets

IL2 Assets is a practical implementation of the IL2 Asset Control Protocol based on the original proposal found in the original IL2 Whitepaper. It is an application framework created on top of InterlockLedger that allows any application to create and manage financial and non-financial assets with full auditability and immutability within a single organization or among multiple organizations. without the need for external entities to act as a mediator or authority over the ecosystem.

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No crypto needed

The IL2 Assets has been created to control the ownership and transfer of real assets directly, without the need for tokens, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, or any other complex way to indirectly represent the values on the system. This means that organizations using the IL2 Assets are not exposed to regulatory and/or platform risks that the use of solutions based on crypto-powered blockchains are.

Unparalleled performance

Since the IL2 Assets is powered by an InterlockLedger Network, it can take advantage of the full power of the network and achieve a large number of parallel transactions at once, easily achieving hundreds to tens of thousands of transactions per second depending on the number of participant in the network.

Full scalability

The IL2 Assets uses a fully decentralized approach that allows it to be executed within a single organization or be applied to groups of multiple organizations sharing assets and transactions among them.

Try it yourself

We have developed a full-featured IL2 Assets simulator that can be used to try, study and develop applications that use IL2 Assets. You can download it for free from the IL2 Assets Simulator documentation.

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