InterlockLedger's Features

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This is a list of some of the main features of InterlockLedger:

General-purpose Blockchains

Our technology is not limited to financial transactions nor platform-dependent smart contracts. InterlockLedger can be used for almost any application demanding an immutable ledger and trusted relationships among organizations. More…


Our technology is not limited to cryptocurrency transactions, nor to platform-dependent smart contracts. It can be used in almost every application demanding an immutable ledger.

Total Scalability

Since application data is only distributed to (and processed by) authorized peers who need it, the InterlockLedger can achieve unparalleled performance and scalability among blockchain systems.

Full data control

In the InterlockLedger only the information integrity is public in the network and shared with all peers. Access to actual data is restricted and can be controlled by its owners.


Applications only process operations related to their demands. This requires few resources and can be implemented inside a wide range of hardware devices, even ones as limited as smart cards.

No Cryptocurrencies

Unlike most blockchains, InterlockLedger does not need cryptocurrencies. You can manage financial and non-financial assets directly. Thus, there are no regulatory risks involved. More…

Distributed information and trust

Powered by peer-to-peer networks, the InterlockLedger balances trust and information access between all community members, on a need-to-know basis.

No miners, notaries nor intermediaries

InterlockLedger uses a new approach to ensure trusted data without the need for miners, notaries, and other intermediaries from the system.

No central authorities

The InterlockLedger is built on a peer-to-peer network, in which record instances can be either owned or mirrored.

Pluggable cryptography

The InterlockLedger is not locked to specific cryptographic standards. Any trusted cryptographic primitives can be applied. We are ready to embrace any Regional standards as needed.

Platform agnostic applications

InterlockLedger does not need nor enforce any specific application platform. Developers can implement their own applications using the platforms and programming languages of choice.

Ready for the Internet of Things

Both the InterlockLedger low processing requirements and its base technology allow for its usage in any kind of device, from tiny smart cards to mainframes.

Environmentally friendly

We demand no competitive processing, so no resources are wasted with mining, nor with replicating the entire network to all peers. This saves a lot of energy when compared to conventional blockchain solutions.

Ready for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Our built-in structure and open approach to cryptographic primitives allow for the incorporation of new techniques as they are developed, with close to no impact on any existing platform.

Private, owner-signed records

All record payloads in the InterlockLedger can be kept private. Our technology only looks after data integrity. Users sign their own records and have complete control over their operations.

Distributed Proofs (witnessing)

The InterlockLedger process is based on distributed proofs, registered on immutable records, in a way that any user can witness the data integrity of any chain in any network peer.

Open to auditors and regulators

Our networks can be public, semi-private or private, but this concerns only content integrity, not data itself. Auditors and regulators can join any network when needed, without compromising data privacy.

Support for official PKI standards

InterlockLedger can be naturally integrated with national and regional PKI standards, such as ICP-Brasil, providing additional security.